7 Sigma maintain a high degree of professionalism.

Internalized cost of planning the event able to add tiny personalized touches that have meaning to make an event efficacious, fruitful and booming.

7 Sigma provides event planning in a wide range of applications. We guarantee satisfaction in the areas of appearance, performance and taste.

The following is a sampling of the types of events we plan every year:

Event Planning 

Brand Promotion

Special Programs

Awards and Rewards

Conferences & Exhibitions

Destination Management


The Way We Work

• Immersion :
  o Understanding the client requirement and visualizing his dream & converting into reality.
  o A detailed study of the brand and the idea behind the event & its essence.

• Ideation :
  o Creating a mental blue-print of the final product.
  o Brain storming to develop the event concept thru a creative strategy.

• Implementation:
   o The on-ground realization of the clients’ dream.
   o Adding the WOW factor to each and every logistic aspect.
   o Giving the event a unique identity which is revealed through passionate execution.

• Riposte:
    To pay attention, this is our endless and proper work 7 Sigma toils 24*7. 7 Sigma sees the invisible, feels the intangible, and achieves the impossible

• Resilient Network:
   With skilled team and combine years of experiences our client gets admittance to a sundry pool.

• Our Proposition:
   It is the little things which need more focus for a flawless event. 7 Sigma Experiences believes that Event management is not just about grand stage and lights but the micro-planning which ensures the perfect execution of any event. Hence we go beyond the concept of ‘near perfection’ or six sigma and aim for nothing but perfection or 7 Sigma Experiences

• Domain Expertise:
   Communication through innovative live media experiences and creation of new media platforms & applications.

• People Assets:
   An overall professional and experienced staff of approx. 20 that takes care of All Media Production, Client Servicing, Operations, Creative designs and Content.

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